Category: Narrative and Financial Report 2005

This is the report of the work of Central Africa Refugee Link, West Midlands - "CARE LINK" from November 2004 to December 2005 and does not include the Audited Accounts 2005.
In all its activities, the group Care Link is working to support the refugee community from Central Africa living in West Midlands (Rwanda, Burundi, D R Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Central African Republic) and offer a number of services to them.

It offers a support network for refugee and their children and an information service regarding their welfare.
During the year 2005 both the volunteers and trustees together hand-in-hand worked hard to put into practice all that its mission statement, printed above, requires. Some of its activities carried out during the year 2005 are depicted and described in the following pages.

The costs of funding the organisation during the year have been met from subscription of members, the sale of African music and donation from local churches.
We shall continue to appeal to many sources of funding, as well as asking our membership to get more involved in fund raising activities. In order to raise the extra money we need we have set up a Fund-raising Network.