Secretary's Message

Category: Narrative and Financial Report 2005

Walingamina Shomari, SecretaryAs you read this annual report you will see a small amount of the huge development that has taken place within Care Link. Our governing body and Management team has led the organisation through a turbulent period. The quality of our service has been of major importance and throughout every aspect of the organisation provision, monitoring and assessment of our service has been of prime importance. I look back in awe over the last twelve months at what we have achieved for our refugee community from Central Africa.

Continuing external pressures in the organisation have had to be faced with determination, intelligence and sound business strategies for success. This has been exemplified in the effort of the trustees and volunteers. They have worked unstintingly to achieve our targets and adjust to changing circumstances. The restructuring of the organisation will enable us to maintain and deliver our strategic objectives giving special emphasis to public education and awareness.

After the year's development, many areas of the organisation have been transformed. Further sustained investment will complete our improvement program to bring Care Link into the league of premier inner city refugee organisation. You will read about the many exciting developments in our provision for our local community. We have held many events of outstanding quality - pop-in meetings, trainings, conferences, seminars, workshops, overseas visits, exhibition and open days, which have all ended us to engage with local refugee communities.

Walingamina Shomari, Secretary