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carelink about us"Central Africa Refugee Link, West Midlands" trading as [Care Link West Midlands] start date 16.10.2004 is a registered charitable organisation (charity No. 1109505) and a company limited by guarantee (Company No.: 6218206) set up to provide general support including advocacy, advice, information, education, training and the relief of poverty of refugees & asylum seekers from central Africa in West Midlands.


We have 4 main programmes/activities:
  1. Floating Support (general Support)
    This is a programme that helps refugees and asylum seekers get support with their general needs (health, education, accommodation, leisure etc). Needs are assessed individually using a special information tool to identify what a particular person requires. Once the need is established, then a support plan is drawn and a volunteer support worker will work with each individual to address those needs. In some circumstances, service users are sign- posted to specialist services for additional support.
  2. Mental Health Awareness and Support
    This is a programme that works in similar ways as the floating support, but focuses on helping refugees and asylum seekers who are suffering from some degree of mental health problems to get the type of support they need by helping them access the most appropriate services.
  3. Youth Club
    The youth programme helps young people to have access to a wide range of services they need (employment, further education, skills training, family matters, youth matters etc
  4. Saturday Homework Club
    The Saturday Homework club is a programme which helps refugee children with their educational assignments in order to enhance their achievements and so assisting their integration into mainstream education.

The group is managed by a management committee made up of five individuals (a chairperson, a vice chairperson, a secretary, a treasurer and an advisor). The committee is helped by a pool of five volunteers and few paid staff members (full time and part time)