Our mission statement:

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mission statement

"Care Link West Midlands will make a positive difference to the lives and futures of the service users it supports. We will work with others to provide a quality service to ensure that all service users are enabled to lead independent and fulfilling lives through the provision of quality service".

Care Link West Midlands specialises in services for adult and young people refugees from French speaking countries living in West Midlands with support needs mainly from the central Africa area. Our principal activity is the provision of high quality community based support services for people with a broad spectrum of support needs.

We believe that our commitment to pursuing excellence is the best way of achieving our aim of offering 'best value' to the purchasers and users of our services.

We are an expanding organisation that is committed to 'local growth' in response to need. Our flexibility, management expertise and the core skills of our staff enable us to create people-centred services quickly, safely and effectively.

We will strive to offer a range of service provision ranging from one to one intensive support to variable packages of support for individuals pursuing life style references.
We believe that the key to success is based on three principles:

• Service user centred support planning
• Supportive management
• Trained and motivated staff